Since 2011 AAJNL Nutrition (Formerly Phoenix Meds/Phoenix OTC) has Changed Lives and revolutionized the Dietary industry with innovative products/supplements such as Lipovingual® the FIRST and only Oral Lipotropic (Fat Burning Amino Acids) and B- Vitamins formula, Lipovitasine® Capsules/Pills packed with B-Vitamins and Fat burning Amino Acids, Bodivitaminosine® capsules/Pills packed with B-Vitamins, Fat burning Amino Acids, and ingredients to Tone/Shape the body. We are constantly researching and adding new products to our line. If you are having Difficulty or CAN'T get a prescription for Lipotropic injections, or if you're scared of needles, or if you want additional Fat Burning Amino Acids and or Energy, something to TONE/SHAPE your body on top of the injections, this is the product for you. The ingredients in BODIVITAMINOSINE® and or LIPOVITASINE® are stronger per mg than most LIPOTROPIC Injections and ours work synergistically together by increasing your body’s energy levels, increasing your metabolism to burn fat and aids your body in removing and transporting fat out of your body as well as Curving your appetite. All Natural Ingredients B-Vitamins for Energy Amino Acids to Increase Metabolism Ingredients to Tone/Shape the Body Safe and Effective MADE IN THE USA BY AN FDA REGISTERED, cGMP AND INSPECTED FACILITY